imageRecently the Court decided that Actor Jason Patric IS THE FATHER. I am very pleased by that decision. You may recall that Mr. Patric and his previous girlfriend Danielle Schreiber dated for a period of time. They broke up, however Ms. Schreiber wanted to have a child and asked Mr. Patric to father said child. Mr. Patric said yes but he did not want any relationship with the child. So this arrangement is an artificial insemination matter, no sex, only doctors and fluid. At some point, the parties got back together and acted like an intact family. Mr. Patric as father and Ms. Schreiber as mother. This went on for a couple of years. Then the parties broke up for good and Ms. Schreiber refused to allow Mr. Patric any parenting time with their child and declared that due to the fact that this was an artificial insemination matter, he was not legally the father and had no rights. The law actually backed her up on her claims however her mistake was in allowing a parent child relationship to grow between father and son.

Ms. Schreiber claimed that at the beginning Mr. Patric didn’t want to be the father and should not be able to change his mind now. That is ok if you’re buying a car but you are talking about children and parents. There are many instances wherein a man or woman may not initially want the child they are having, how many people do you know who have children with virtual and actual strangers that they did not initially want? Once the child is born then the magic happens (for most) and they fall in love with their child. So to follow her logic, there would be many fatherless children out there if a parent is not allowed to change their mind.

There was no indication that Mr. Patric was not a good father it was simply that Ms. Schreiber did not want to share “her” child with him. This is unfortunate because a child never suffers from “too much” love and if you have a man who wants to help your son grow up to be a man you should welcome him.

Mothers out there, please, if you have a man who is a good man and wants to be a good father, no matter how you feel about him, let him be the “good dad” your child is the one who reaps untold benefits.

I’m Just Saying…….