July 12

8 Myths About Divorce

Whether you get some advice from a family member or have made some assumptions of your own, there are a lot of misconceptions swirling around the subject of divorce. Family law attorneys hear it all and often find clients making statements that simply aren’t true, or are based on outdated laws. Here are some common.

March 10

Child Custody 101: Understanding Visitation

Must I follow the the visitation schedule? The most important thing for you to understand about visitation is that you must comply with the visitation schedule. A child custody visitation schedule, also called a parenting schedule or parenting plan, is a legally binding agreement that both parents must honor. If you don’t want to honor.

November 6


Recently the Court decided that Actor Jason Patric IS THE FATHER. I am very pleased by that decision. You may recall that Mr. Patric and his previous girlfriend Danielle Schreiber dated for a period of time. They broke up, however Ms. Schreiber wanted to have a child and asked Mr. Patric to father said child..

July 28

Sherri Said What?!!!

Sherri Said What?!!!

Sandra F. Banks At first glance I was appalled by Sherri Sheppard’s position regarding the child she and husband Lamar Sally conceived via surrogate. As you may know, the couple during happier times decided they wanted to have a child. They used a surrogate using her husband’s sperm and a donated egg, Sherri has no.