April 13

3 Ways to Keep the House in Your Divorce

1. Trade other assets to keep the house. A house is only one asset of a marital estate. If you’re interested in keeping your house, identify all assets that belong to the marital estate and determine the value of those assets: Checking accounts Savings accounts Stock portfolios Retirement accounts Cars, boats, and other vehicles Real.

March 10

Child Custody 101: Understanding Visitation

Must I follow the the visitation schedule? The most important thing for you to understand about visitation is that you must comply with the visitation schedule. A child custody visitation schedule, also called a parenting schedule or parenting plan, is a legally binding agreement that both parents must honor. If you don’t want to honor.

February 9

7 Places to Get Community Support During Your Divorce

1. Get professional help. Choose a lawyer to guide you through the divorce process and ensure you and your children are cared for now and in the future. Consider a therapist to help you and your children navigate the emotions and trials of the separation and divorce. Your lawyer may know a good family therapist.

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