September 14

Can I Refuse Visitation When My Ex is Behind on Child Support?

Sarah and Brad were married for 10 years and recently got a divorce. In the divorce settlement, Brad was awarded visitation of their two children every other weekend and alternating holidays. Brad was also ordered to pay a total of $700 a month child support for the children. The first year after the divorce, things.

August 9

5 Tips to Avoid an Ugly Divorce

Tip One: Be Completely Honest With Your Lawyer Contrary to all the jokes about lawyers, a good family attorney really does have your best interest at heart. Your lawyer genuinely wants to be your advocate and to ensure that he or she helps you create the best, new, future possible. The only way that your.

July 12

Why You Need a Cohabitation Agreement

Cohabitation is now very common place. In fact, this practice has doubled since the 1990’s. Most couples look at it is a “test run” or qualifier for the next step, which would be marriage. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as planned and couples break-up. This new norm has led to a dramatic rise in.

June 14

7 Tips for Talking with Your Kids about Your Divorce

By Sandra F. Banks 1. Create a mutual story that does not accuse or blame the other parent. Before telling your children that you are getting divorced, sit down with your departing spouse and come to an agreement about what you will say. Getting different stories from different parents only makes your children more upset.

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