About Sandra F. Banks


Hello, I am Sandra F. Banks and I have been licensed to practice law since 1993. I have over 20 years of experience in the area of Family Law. I practice in Oakland, Hayward, Fremont and Contra Costa County. I find that Family Law is a rewarding practice because I believe that family should be first. Because of that belief I work very hard to help my clients through the family law process.

Family Law cases can be hostile but I will try to bring sanity to what at times will seem like chaos. I will work to mediate an amicably resolve your matter, however, if that is not possible, I am a litigator and I am fully willing and able to go to court to fight for you. I work with my client to position their case for success and to position them for the life that is to come.

My clients receive an honest evaluation of their case, not fluff. I offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation with me. So if you need an attorney who will work hard for you, call me (510) 336-2369, email sandra@sbankslaw.com or text (510) 473-2479.


Client Testimonials

“I was referred to Sandra when I needed to start divorce proceedings.  She guided me through the whole process and I wasn’t even back in the country yet.  I felt that she was always fair and wasn’t trying to steer me wrong.  Years later I found I needed her services to help assist with custody, support, and visitation issues.  I trust her completely, and know that if what I’m wanting to do to protect the interest of my children she will do it.  She will always explain what actually works with in the court system vs. what we think should happen.  I have learned a lot and have her to thank for a lot of stress being lifted off my shoulders.  THANK YOU SANDRA!!!”

– Dana F., Client

“Sandra has helped me with child custody issues since 2003.  I had tried other attorneys but Sandra was the most helpful with good advice, and effective strategy.  She has won on every issue I have had  in court.  And our opponents have been well prepared and very tough but I’ve always won with Sandra.  I trust her and believe in her and would recommend her to anyone.”

– Steve L., Client

“Sandra is down to earth and will help you with real world problems. We went to a bankruptcy lawyer before we went to see Sandra and we felt hopeless. We for Sandra’s number from a friend and my wife and I figured we have nothing to use. After the meeting with Sandra we now have hope for our future. Thank you Sandra.”

– Richard A., Client

Thanks so much for the fantastic job. I don’t think I could have gotten through without your hard work and understanding.”

– Kimberly S., Client